Day Date Destination Booking/ Hotel/ Other
Sunday 18-Nov-07 Fly Sydney - Santiago QF321 10.45am Hotel Vegas, Londres 49, Paris-Londres 
Monday 19-Nov-07 Santiago
Tuesday 20-Nov-07 Santiago
Wednesday 21-Nov-07 Fly Cusco Z7F6RT 09.50am, Arrive Cusco 14.35pm, Met by Niko with SAS Travel or Marqueses
Thursday 22-Nov-07 Cusco Stay at Los Ninos hotel, Niņos Hotel 1
Calle Meloc 442
Friday 23-Nov-07 Cusco
Saturday 24-Nov-07 Cusco
Sunday 25-Nov-07 Inca Trail Booked with SAS Travel Peru
Monday 26-Nov-07 Inca Trail
Tuesday 27-Nov-07 Inca Trail
Wednesday 28-Nov-07 Inca Trail stay in Aguas Calientes
Thursday 29-Nov-07 travel back to Cusco Booked on afternoon train
Friday 30-Nov-07 Travel to Puno
Saturday 01-Dec-07 Lake Titicaca
Sunday 02-Dec-07 Isla da Sol
Monday 03-Dec-07 Isla da Sol
Tuesday 04-Dec-07 Travel to La Paz
Wednesday 05-Dec-07 La Paz
Thursday 06-Dec-07 La Paz
Friday 07-Dec-07 Worlds most dangerous road
Saturday 08-Dec-07 Catch bus to Rurre
Sunday 09-Dec-07 Pampas/ Jungle tour
Monday 10-Dec-07 Pampas/ Jungle tour
Tuesday 11-Dec-07 Pampas/ Jungle tour
Wednesday 12-Dec-07 Pampas/ Jungle tour
Thursday 13-Dec-07 Pampas/ Jungle tour
Friday 14-Dec-07 fly back to La Paz
Saturday 15-Dec-07 la paz→potosi→Uyuni
Sunday 16-Dec-07 la paz→potosi→Uyuni
Monday 17-Dec-07 padding day
Tuesday 18-Dec-07 Day 1 Salar de uyuni Take a trip that ends in Tupiza
Wednesday 19-Dec-07 Day 2 Salar de uyuni
Thursday 20-Dec-07 Day 3 Salar de uyuni
Friday 21-Dec-07 travel to Salta, Argentina Travel Tupiza to Villazon by train. 
Saturday 22-Dec-07 padding day Travel from La Quica to Salta by bus
Sunday 23-Dec-07 padding day fly Salta - BA 8pm $156. Not booked!
Monday 24-Dec-07 Fly to Beunos Aires Booked at Cahuel Buenos Aires Hotel, Pringles 1286, Palermo
Tuesday 25-Dec-07 BA
Wednesday 26-Dec-07
Thursday 27-Dec-07
Friday 28-Dec-07
Saturday 29-Dec-07 Fly direct to Bariloche AR2678, Jorge Newberry, 10.45am, Arrive Bariloche 1.05pm
Reservation number is CYJZ10. 
Sunday 30-Dec-07 Bariloche Patanuk Lake
Juan Manuel de Rosas 585
Monday 31-Dec-07 Bariloche
Tuesday 01-Jan-08 Bariloche
Wednesday 02-Jan-08 Hiking near Bariloche
Thursday 03-Jan-08 Hiking near Bariloche
Friday 04-Jan-08 Rafting
Saturday 05-Jan-08 Mountain Biking
Sunday 06-Jan-08 Fly to South Patagonia AR 1698, dep Bariloche at 11.25, arrive El Calafate at 1.10pm
Reservation number is HVGWAQ
Monday 07-Jan-08 chill out day Albergue Buenos Aires
C/ Buenos Aires 296
El Calafate
Tuesday 08-Jan-08 Visit Moreno glacier
Wednesday 09-Jan-08 chill out day
Thursday 10-Jan-08 travel to Puerto Natales Travel El Calafate to Puerto Natales. Bus 5.5 hrs, on Zaahj & Bus Sur $21
Friday 11-Jan-08 Get ready for Torres del pain circuit and travel to park Allows 9-10 days for Circuit, only takes 8 days
Saturday 12-Jan-08 Commence Torres del pain circuit
Sunday 13-Jan-08 Torres del pain circuit
Monday 14-Jan-08 Torres del pain circuit
Tuesday 15-Jan-08 Torres del pain circuit
Wednesday 16-Jan-08 Torres del pain circuit
Thursday 17-Jan-08 Torres del pain circuit
Friday 18-Jan-08 Torres del pain circuit
Saturday 19-Jan-08 Torres del pain circuit
Sunday 20-Jan-08 finish Torres del pain circuit
Monday 21-Jan-08 chill out day
Tuesday 22-Jan-08 travel to Punta Arenas - or go next day in morning Need to get from Puerto Natales to Punta Arenas. Bus takes 3 hours
Wednesday 23-Jan-08 Fly back to Santiago Booked on LA 996 Dep Punta Arenas 17.15, arrive Santiago 20.35. Reservation # LA/K15KV
Thursday 24-Jan-08 Fly to Sydney at 23.05pm QF322
Friday 25-Jan-08
Saturday 26-Jan-08 Arrive Sydney 7.20am